September 26, 2013

PATCH Sword Art Online (SAO) : After Ends 3 Pack PATCH

Hadeh, Saya Sebagai Admin Saja Blom Tamat Ampe Boss Floor 1, Eeh Patchnya dah UPDATE Lagi ..
Well Bagi Yang Mau DL Silahkan Disedott :

Sword Art Online: After Ends – Zanbatou Patch 8 
> Floor 5 Zodiac Puzzle Re-construction finished. 
> Dragon’s Garden (via Dragon’s Cove Crystal) and Vampire Castle Re-established. 
> Fly and Sky Battles Activated 
> Steady Maps redesigned 
> More NPCs 
> Fly Object re-designed 
> Game Manual Updated (Forging System, Game Cube) 
> Game Cube Updated (new feature: Game HUD)

Download HERE

Sword Art Online: After Ends 
 Lilia Patch 9Updates:
> Flight System – a systematic flight system for Kirito. The player can fly to any place they want.
> ALO Character Switch System – You can now switch from SAO:AE / RD to ALO: AE character.
> Nezha’s 100% Forging Success Rate. 

Patch FAQ: 

How can I fly from ANY PLACE, not just in Town of Flight?
Solution: Go to the Premium Market and go to the Temple of Rites. You must be at least Level 56, Dual Blade class in order for the next process to happen without hassle. Talk to the noble who would tell you about SAO:RD /AE to ALO:AE character change. When you are a Dual Blade Class, you can chooce which Race you want to Dual Class. Choose from the 9 ALfheim Races. After your character Kirito is renewed as an ALO char, press Q to start the flight system. Read the tutorials and a part of your Game Manual to understand more of how the function works. 

How can I forge Crystal of Kleis and Magic Mineral into a weapon?
To forge an item you must have the following requirements:
– Anvil: the anvil is where the forged item is to be forged, one of the items a blacksmith needs in order to forge the item.
– Blacksmith NPC – to forge the item with the anvil and other materials, you need a blacksmith NPC to forge it. 

To forge an item via place:
– Miboshi Mountain: The blacksmith only forge / upgrade Rare Items. 

To forge an item via character:
– You must have Nezha with you and an anvil. 

Forge-able items:
– Materials and Rare Items only. 

Success Rate: 75 with NPC, 100 with Nezha. 

So to forge a weapon from Kleis’ gift:
Materials: - Anvil
- Magic Mineral
- Crystal of Kleis
- Blacksmith Char: Nezha / Egil / Lisbeth

How to forge with Nezha:
- Go to your item and choose Anvil. Nezha will automatically forge the item for you. 
Download HERE
Sword Art Online: After Ends  Aliana Patch 10
  • Alfheim Market Established (empty)
  • Minor Bugs Checked and Fixed
  • Flight System Checked
  • Dual Blade slot checked and fixed
  • Item Graphics
  • Floor 6 Completed
Download HERE

Note :
Bagi yang Belom ngerti dan yang baru pertama kali maen nih game harus liat intruksinya HERE
Karena Kalo Ngga Diliat Dulu Nih Game Ntar Ngga Bisa LOGOUT (Alias harus Maen Nih game Ampe Floor 100)
(Just Kidding) 

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PATCH Sword Art Online (SAO) : After Ends 3 Pack PATCH
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October 09, 2013 4:42 pm

blum ada update baru lagi?

October 16, 2013 6:16 pm


November 22, 2014 3:34 pm

untuk lawan bos di lantai 4, jawaban di batu itu apa ?


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